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Our Branch Code helps you to stay safe and updated when using Internet banking in South Africa.

Tyme Bank Universal Branch Code

Jun 12, 2024

Quick Answer: The Tyme Bank Universal Branch Code is 679000 in South Africa. When it comes to banking, having precise...

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Discovery Bank Universal Branch Code

Jun 11, 2024

Quick Answer: The Universal Branch Code for Discovery Bank is 679000. It is a powerful tool for various transactions. It’s...

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Nedbank Universal Branch Code South Africa

Jun 10, 2024

Quick Answer: The Nedbank Universal Branch Code in South Africa is 198765. In the rapidly evolving banking world, ensuring customers...

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Capitec Bank Universal Branch Code

Jun 8, 2024

Quick Answer: The Capitec Bank’s Universal Branch Code is 470010. Capitec Bank, known for its innovative banking solutions, employs a...

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FNB Universal Branch Code: Streamline Your Banking

Jun 7, 2024

Quick Answer: The universal branch code for FNB (First National Bank) in South Africa is 250655. This code is necessary...

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Universal Branch Codes For All Banks In South Africa (Updated 2024)

Jun 4, 2024

Key Takeaways A universal branch code is a unique six-digit number used by banks in South Africa to enhance security,...

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