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Amount 1000 - 50000 R

Interest from 79 %

Loan term 6 months - 24 months

If you will get the loan of R1.000 with the term of 6 months, your totally payment would be R1.794.38. The fee is R794.38.


Amount 300 - 4500 R

Interest from 1 %

Loan term 5 days - 35 days

If you will get the loan of R300 with the term of 5 days, your totally payment would be R364.25. The fee is R64.25


Amount 500 - 100000 R

Interest from 10 %

Loan term 30 days - 3 years

If you will get the loan of R500 with the term of 1 month, your totally payment would be R674. The fee is R174.


Amount 500 - 8000 R

Interest from 27 %

Loan term 30 days - 3 months

If you will get the loan of R500 with the term of 1 month, your totally payment would be R674. The fee is R174.


Amount 500 - 40000 R

Interest from 5 %

Loan term 30 days - 12 months

If you will get the loan of R1.000 with the term of 12 months, your totally payment would be R2.160. The fee is R1.160.


Amount 1000 - 250000 R

Interest from 20 %

Loan term 6 months - 7 years

If you will get the loan of R1.000 with the term of 6 months, your totally payment would be R1.765.5. The fee is R765.5.


Amount 1000 - 300000 R

Interest from 13 %

Loan term 30 days - 5 years

If you will get the loan of R10.000 with the term of 12 months, your totally payment would be R12.672. The fee is R2.672.


Amount 2000 - 75000 R

Interest from 10 %

Loan term 12 months - 6 years

If you will get the loan of R2.000 with the term of 12 months, your totally payment would be R229. The fee is R2.229.


Amount 1000 - 5000 R

Interest from 3 %

Loan term 30 days - 6 months

Loan amount R3.000, repayment term 6 months, monthly repayment 696.07, total repayment R4 189.78, initiation fee R416.1, monthly fee R68.4, interest 3%, APR 124%.


Amount 2000 - 250000 R

Interest from 15 %

Loan term 12 months - 5 years

Loan amount of R7,500 borrowed for 24 months. Annual Interest Rate: 27.75%. Initiation fee (charged upfront): R936. Monthly service fee: R69 Total Amount payable: R13 338. Monthly instalment amount: R556.

When life throws you a curveball, it's RandHub to the rescue!

Do you want to borrow money ASAP but don't want to be trapped in the debt cycle? Compare online loans in SA from trusted and reliable direct lenders at RandHub. There are no hidden fees or early repayment charges, and bad credit is accepted. Get financial help when you need it urgently.

How It Works?

At RandHub, we like to keep things simple and quick. That's why we make the whole application process 100% online. You can complete it without leaving your comfort by using a mobile phone or laptop and get urgent cash loans within a few minutes or 1 hour.


Apply Online

Complete an online application in minutes with your required details. Please tell us how much you need, for how long, and for what purpose.



Explore the latest loan offers and find the one that's perfect for you. With our extensive panel of South Africa-based lenders, you're sure to find a loan that meets your requirements.


Receive Money

Select the best loan offer that matches your circumstances, and get funded immediately.

Your Ultimate One-Stop-Shop for All Loan Needs

Are you working to tidy up your finances? Want to pay pending bills, plan to travel, or make minor improvements to your home? Compare with us and get easy online cash loans that might be ideal to finance you.

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What Types of Loans We Offer?

A cash shortage may disturb your financial journey, but it shouldn't change your direction. Don't apply for a loan without comparing! No matter loan amount is small or big. Using our advanced online loan comparison tool, you can find the most suitable loan offers at low interest for your needs. So, why wait? Some of the most popular types of loans in South Africa are:


Payday Loans

Are you tired of taking out expensive payday loans in South Africa or stuck in a debt cycle? Try RandHub and compare payday loan offers that are ideal for your personal and financial situation.


Personal Loans

Compare and apply for the best personal loans in South Africa with RandHub to get instant decisions and funds transferred on the same day of application.


Cash Loans

Urgent cash loans are available quickly after application approval for desperate South Africans. Get emergency money when you need it most. Compare today!


Bad Credit Loans

Find out your options for urgent loans for bad credit in South Africa with RandHub. We have a number of direct lenders who offer alternative money solutions for those with less-than-perfect credit scores.


Blacklisted Loans

Did you know? There is no such thing as blacklisted in South Africa? So, we have options for you, including payday loans for blacklisted. We accept all credit ratings, even if you have no credit.


No Credit Check Loans

Do you have bad credit but need fast cash today? RandHub specializes in no credit check loans with almost guaranteed approval. No matter your credit status, we have options for you.

Why Compare Loans with RandHub?

Choosing isn't just comparing and getting a loan; it's all about experiencing the speediness and comfort that come with our ZA- leading & AI- Powered loan services. Here are some reasons below why South Africans value and trust us:

Personalized Offers

We only show you offers that match your current needs and circumstances.

Streamlined Process

We operate 100% online, allowing you to apply quickly and receive cash on time. This is a fast and convenient way to ease your financial burden.

Realtime Calculation

Our loans come with confirmed APRs, monthly repayments, and clear terms. We believe in transparency, so there are no surprises or confusion!

0% Upfront Fee

Our mission is to help you find the best financial aid without paying extra. That's why the application is free, and we do not charge an upfront fee.

Wide Lending Panel

We have a diverse panel of approximately 40+ direct lenders who are committed to working with everyone and fulfilling all financial needs. If you've been rejected by banks, we're here to give you a chance and make you feel valued.

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Why loan comparison is so important?

RandHub is unique and powered by cutting-edge modern technology that not only simplifies and speeds up loan comparisons in South Africa but also helps you save money in your pocket. Our online comparison platform makes finance simple and accessible to all who need money ASAP!

Your credit score plays a crucial role, but our lenders consider numerous other factors while assessing loan requests. With just a few clicks, you can compare loans and explore a wide selection of loan options. Comparison gives you the power to get a loan deal at lower rates and favourable terms, which directly saves you money.

Here at RandHub, you can take a step into a world of quick comparison loan rates from multiple direct lenders in South Africa (ZA). It is as easy as sipping a cup of your favourite tea or coffee. RandHub will always stand by your side!

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Are you struggling with debt?

At RandHub, we know everyone's financial requirements are unique. That's why we spend time understanding your actual needs and finding the best loan solution without disturbing your budget. Let your finances work for you, not against you. Apply today and make your financial dreams come true.

RandHub- Compare, Apply, Save!

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  • Collateral-Free-Loans Collateral-Free Loans
  • 100-Transparent 100% Transparent
  • Credit-Score-Protection Credit Score Protection
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  • Seamless-Experience Seamless Experience
  • Instant-Decision Instant Decision
  • 365-Available 24/7/365 Available

In case you missed it 😊

Have questions? Don't worry, our FAQ has you covered.

Is RandHub a credit broker or a lender?

RandHub is not a credit broker or a lender. We are a "Free" online loan comparison platform for South Africans who want to borrow money. When you compare online loans like personal loans or payday loans, we use smart decision-making and match your details with our lenders' eligibility criteria to find suitable borrowing options for you.

Does comparing with RandHub affect my credit score?

Absolutely No. Comparing and applying for a loan with us won't impact your credit score. At RandHub, our lenders conduct soft credit checks on your credit file, which won't be visible to anyone.

How many lenders do you have?

Currently, we have over 40+ lenders direct lenders operational in South Africa. We only partner with trusted and licensed lenders who are flexible enough to work with all types of borrowers.

How much loan can I get in with RandHub?

If you are eligible for an online loan, you can get a minimum of R100 and a maximum of R100,000.

What is the easiest loan to get immediately?

Short-term loans or payday loans are the easiest types of loans to get approved for in South Africa, even if you have bad credit or no credit history. However, they also come with high interest rates and fees.

Can someone who is blacklisted get a loan?

Yes, RandHub can assist you with a payday loan for blacklisted in South Africa and those whose credit scores come under the bad category. However, remember that options are limited, and you may pay very high-interest rates plus fees.

What do I need to get a loan?

  • Be at least 18 years or older.
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa (ZA).
  • Hold a valid South African bank account.
  • Working Email ID and mobile phone number.
  • Should have a regular income.
  • Should be able to afford repayments.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Apply Online

Experience the convenience of our quick and easy online application process. In just a few minutes, provide your required details, specify your loan amount, duration, and purpose, and you're good to go.

Step 2: Compare

Take control of your financial decisions. Compare the latest loan offers from our vast panel of South Africa-based lenders and find the best option that suits your needs. Your financial freedom is in your hands!

Step 3: Receive Money

Select the best loan offer that matches your circumstances, and get funded immediately.

We're here to help you.

Compare with complete confidence at RandHub. We're proud to be 100% free and unbiased. We've compared hundreds of products to help you in saving money.

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